Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Meet and Greet with Wallace Kirk PLUS GIVEAWAY!

Wallace Kirk

Nicknamed: The Beast

Born Around 950-960 AD

Parents: Father(unknown) Mother Anna
Sibling: Mike Kirk aka Werewolf Mike

Height: 6’3

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown

Place of Birth: Not sure but due to the surname he chose somewhere North, possibly Yorkshire or Scotland
Wolf/Werewolf: Has the ability to change into both and control his moon urges.

Profession: Blackwood Enforcer

Distinguishing Marks: Several tattoos, Celtic swirls on shoulder, upper arms and upper back. Mi Vida Loca across his chest ( My Crazy Life).

Personality traits/character: Loyal, trustworthy, tough, sexual, horny, cheeky and unrelenting.

Loves his scars because it reminds him of the good fights and the bad fights. You should remember every one because each one makes you what you are, each one builds you and sculptures you. And when you rip off your shirt for a fight it lets the guy you’re fighting know that he’s gonna lose!

One of Killian Blackwoods most feared and trusted, in 2008 Wallace was meant to meet up with his promised mate. Maira Brady. Tragedy struck when she was taken and died in an accident during her kidnapping. Wallace has since blamed himself for her death and has vowed to avenge her killers.
Wallace loves his brother and they form a formidable team, often working together on jobs for Killian.

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  1. Wallace!! Oh I can't wait to see where you guys are taking these stories now. :)

    1. Riane ask your big boy a question.