Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meet and Greet with Reinhard PLUS GIVEAWAY


Born. Date unknown but over 2000 years old, possibly nearer 3000

Place of origin Bavarian Alps

Parents Bernhardt and Velda

Sibling Two Sisters. Helga younger by two years, Norva older by three

Height 6’4

Eyes Dark/Black

Hair Black

Vampire - Believed to be the first of his kind. Caught a virus from his father and turned as the illness took hold. Killed his sisters in a sexual frenzy, followed by his mother as his father was made to watch. He then killed his father.

Held an uprising, turning men into his followers and rampaged through Europe until he reached the west, being held at bay by the Romans. It was at this time the majority of his servants were caught and executed. He was seconded into the Roman army and with his surviving servants was sent to Briton in the mid 2nd Century.

Reinhard is responsible for creating some of the most powerful vampires known in todays society. Morbius Karanovic and Markus Korillian being just two.

Was in the past hurt by Killian Blackwood, reason unknown. Yet Reinhard has vengeance in him and seeks retribution against powerful packs. He took Killians sister Hester hostage in the 2nd Century. He kept her for ten years, killing her baby. He fed on her, letting her regain her energy before repeating the same routine over and over.

Now he likes to feed on the wolf blood of his enemy, rarely feeding on human blood. Purebloods too are his favorite, keeping them hostage in order to increase his overall power.

Powers Can move unseen around wolves and other vampires. Great speed and strength unequalled by his own species.

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